5 Telltale Signs a Move is in Your Future


Sometimes making a move is an obvious decision, sometimes it's not. There may be some subtle signs or some things that are nagging at you.  Here are five reasons why a move may be in your future:

1.  Retirement - Calling it quits these days means a new beginning with new choices and not sitting around until you can't get around.  You may want a neighborhood that provides more amenities and activity than where you currently live.

2.  Too Much (or Too Little) Room - We know homes can be too small but they also can be too big to manage.  It's not about downsizing or upsizing but rightsizing for how you want to live.

3.  Commuting Nightmare - Maybe you've been beaten down by long commutes for jobs or other responsibilities.  Making a move to the right location can add more time to your day and who doesn't need that!

4.  Maintenance Free - Mowing the grass, shoveling the snow, trimming the hedges...those weekly chores can go away when you look into a life of maintenance free living which gives you more time to do the things that are important to you.

5.  DIY Overload - We all feel accomplished when we finish a project - but it has to get finished, right? There are a lot of "honey do" lists that never get completed and just get longer.  And if you do finish, you still may not be satisfied.  Maybe a new home is in order.