The Road Less Traveled

Grandview Neighborhood in Manheim Township, Lancaster, PA (1)

Cars take a backseat in this active neighborhood with traffic primarily happening by foot or by pedal. Life is easy and active in Grandview.

"Everyone is always out playing," says Tanya, a homeowner since spring of 2014 who lives in Grandview with her husband, three kids and their dog. Walking the kids to school and chatting with neighbors along the way is something that's pretty special (and rare) these days.  And those living in adjacent Grandview Heights have been welcoming.  "It's been great to get to know them," she says in a "family environment."

undefinedOutside the home the details continue with picket fences, brick walkways and privet hedging. "I think they did a really nice job with the landscaping," comments Tanya as she talks about Grandview's attention to detail, including the inside of the home. "People comment on the arches and the open floor plan."  

The neighborhood design encourages bike riders, walkers and those wanting to play.  " have the park nearby and tons of sidewalks.  We see a lot of walking traffic," says Tanya.