Hustle and Bustle at Sinclair Park

Sinclair Park2.png

Sinclair Park is becoming quite the busy place in Mechanicsburg. Earth is being moved and homes are going up quickly as people know a special place when they see one.

So what’s the secret? No secrets here, just people who want to live independently with the convenience of maintenance free.  With first floor living and flexible floor plans, choosing a Charter home means you aren’t compromising how you want to live, or where.  

Sinclair Park's stellar address means you have access to major roadways and great shopping in downtown Mechanicsburg so you are close to everything yet live in an intimate neighborhood of about forty homes. You'll love the fact that you can easily walk this neighborhood and meet a few neighbors along the way. And no maintenance means more time for doing the things you love.

Visit us at Sinclair Park located a half mile south of Mechanicsburg High School. Contact Kathryn for more information.