The Cool and Hip Augustine


You will be wowed when you see the brand new Augustine at Arcona in Mechanicsburg. These townhomes scream individuality with their urban-inspired palette. Deep dark tones and a mix of textures provide visual architectural interest.



The Augustine's Split Personality

Pictured from (left): A closeup of the Augustine's residential details; (middle) The lower front level of the Augustine will be home to The Shops at Arcona; (right) The private residential entrance in the back provides a sleek modern look.

You'll notice right away the window frame is dark and blends beautifully with the graphite siding which runs in two different directions and widths. Charcoal mortar frames the rich, textured brick adding a new level of cool to this home, even down to the copper downspout.   

From the outside you'll fall in love with the deep balcony wrapped in dark iron, perfect for entertaining. A curved brick entrance flanked with lamps on either side of your door greets you as you enter your home. 

The Augustine has just been released for sale starting at $229,990 and we know these will be a showstopper.  Come to Arcona today and see these beautiful homes in the heart of the next Great American Neighborhood, Arcona.