New Home Buying Trends Highlight Walkability


A recent survey mentioned in Builder magazine shows that younger home buyers (Millennials age 25-34) prefer an urban-suburban environment where they can be within walking distance to parks, grocery stores and schools and outdoor spaces are very important.

Sound familiar?  If you know Charter Homes & Neighborhoods, you know we believe this too, and that all of us, not just millennials, are looking for life that is a walk away from our homes.  

undefinedThere's not a place that shows this more than The Great American Neighborhood® of Walden in Mechanicsburg, PA. When you enter Walden it just feels different. Cobblestone and brick streets meet The Shops at Walden, 11 local businesses that have been hand-picked to make life easier. As you walk through the the neighborhood you'll find pockets of trails and parks sprinkled throughout Walden so you have options on how you will spend your day.

Charter's next Great American Neighborhood is Arcona, also located in Mechanicsburg and will include local shops along with great outdoor spaces.  A wide range of homes are available from single family to low maintenance townhomes so you can really enjoy what's important.

If you want to live the urban lifestyle of walkability with the benefits of a suburban location, visit our Walden and Arcona locations today or contact Kathryn for an appointment.