Top 5 Meridian Homeowner Favorites


There are so many reasons to live in Charter's Towns at Meridian, but for brevity sake we narrowed it down to the top five that we hear about consistently from our homeowners.

#5 - The Cozy Factor 

How can a neighborhood be cozy you may ask?  Well according to our neighborhood sales manager, it's all about the tree-lined streets, the mature trees and all of the green that surrounds you.  Street lamps and other special touches make it feel more than comfortable.

#4 - The Convenience

You can't get more convenient to all things Lancaster, York, Harrisburg and anywhere the PA Turnpike will take you since it's easy access.  Shopping is literally around the corner in Camp Hill with several options including the Capital City Mall.

#3 - The Low Maintenance 

It's summer and who wants to spend all of their time on yard work when you can be doing other things? A huge benefit, Meridian offers the ability to pick up and go whenever you want without worrying about the outside chores.

#2 - The Trail

Unwind in this "cozy" neighborhood with a trek around it.  Enjoy all it has to offer and get in some undefinedneeded daily exercise with a walk with friends or a quick bike ride.

#1 (Drumroll please...) - The Firepit

The firepit is a fantastic amenity to have in your neighborhood. Grab the beverage of your choice and warm yourself while you talk with friends and neighbors.  That's what The Great American Neighborhood® is all about.

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