Lancaster Loves Millcreek


Millcreek, Charter's first Great American Neighborhood, has become a favorite of Lancastrians over the years.  What's not to love? This stunning neighborhood has become even more beautiful over the last 13 years because it was originally designed around what was before. Rather than bulldozing the land and plopping down houses, the land dictated how the design would come to be.  Today that thoughtful planning has paid off because Millcreek's natural features are the stars of this comfortable neighborhood.

"The land dictated how the design would come to be."

And it's not only Lancaster that loves Millcreek as its been honored with a “Best in American Living Award” (BALA). BALA is the nation’s premier award program continually redefining design excellence for the entire residential building industry.  It spotlights the most creative and innovative builders.

We invite you to walk through this beautiful neighborhood and explore the winding roads lined with mature trees that lead to preserved open neighborhood space and miles of walking trails. Step out of your car and take a walk across the wooden bridges that pass over a neighborhood stream. Enjoy the moments every day when you live in Millcreek.