The Design is in the Details

Neighborhood of Millcreek in Lampeter Township, Lancaster, PA

It's easy to spot a Charter neighborhood if you know what you are looking for.  That's because the design is in the details.  It's the little things that make it interesting and bring it all together.

As you turn down a Charter street, if there's a home at the end of it, most likely it will be facing you. Rather than see the side of a home or someone's backyard, the front door welcomes you.

You may also notice as our neighborhoods grow older they actually look better (that should be the case with us humans!).

undefinedThat's because as the trees grow they are shaped into canopies that shade you as you walk. And Charter plants trees that are larger with some maturity already happening, not small twigs that you see in some neighborhoods.

Walking is where the details start to pop and become more prominent.  The design starts beneath your feet. Wide sidewalks, custom curbing, walking paths and curves in roads pique your curiosity about what comes next. 

There is no devil to be found in these details, just pure, natural beauty that stands the test of time.