Grandview's Roots Are Firmly Planted


Our Ancestry.  Our History.  What's Our Story?

That question enters everyone's mind at some point in our lives.  A need so universal that technology now helps us trace our heritage to discover and uncover who we are.  Everyone has a story and so does every place, especially Grandview.

Grandview's story includes the Gammache brothers who originally owned this special piece of land.  

When we look back at Grandview, Charter’s neighborhood adjacent to Grandview Heights, there is so much you may or may not know about this special piece of land. Brothers Vincent and Jacques Gammache lived on the land all of their lives, born there in the 1930’s.  They both attended and graduated from Lancaster Catholic High School.

Charter was selected for its care of the land with a promise to honor what came before.

In late 1997, the Gammache brothers deeded the property to their alma mater Lancaster Catholic, but both reserved the right to live and enjoy the property until their death.  By 2001, both brothers had passed away and that same year, Charter entered into an agreement for this tract of land with Lancaster Catholic High School and the Diocese of Harrisburg. Lancaster Catholic selected Charter because it showed genuine care and understanding for the adjacent neighbors in Grandview Heights.

The story continues to unfold in this neighborhood that balances the past with the present.  Join us on our journey over the next several weeks as we take a deeper look into Grandview.