Work Less. Enjoy More at Meridian.


The warmer weather we have been experiencing has been fantastic (well except maybe for the never-ending pollen and twirly helicopters falling from the trees)! With that in mind, if you live at the Towns at Meridian you are lucky because maintenance-free living allows you to work less and enjoy more.  

Meridian's "lock it and leave" lifestyle of maintenance free means more time for you.

Wouldn't you rather spend the day doing something you really love than be bogged down with mowing the grass, trimming the hedges and sweeping up after mother nature?  No more taking care of the green spaces, just enjoy them.  Get out for a bike ride on your own path created just for you.  Warm yourself on a cool spring evening by the neighborhood fire pit after a great day of shopping at Capital City Mall, just a few miles away.

The Towns at Meridian offer you a "lock it and leave" lifestyle so you don't have to schedule your day around pesky outdoor chores.  Since you can't add more hours in the day, you can add this precious time back into your life at the Towns at Meridian.