Character is Built One Brick at a Time


Character begins at the beginning.  It's not something that can be added on a whim or created after the fact. It's thoughtfully planned from the blueprint and rendering stages all the way through to the finished Great American Neighborhood.


Charter's building and design materials are chosen in the same manner. You'll notice the use of brick throughout our homes and neighborhoods because brick is a memory maker. It may remind you of a home your parents or grandparents owned that was warm and inviting.  Or maybe you think of it in terms of quality.  Brick is all of those things creating a sense of timelessness.

From interesting patterns beneath your feet as you walk the alleys and streets of downtown Walden, to the new Augustine townhome in Arcona with its thick dark mortar, brick makes a statement and tells a story.

The latest story is in Elmhurst where 100 year old brick had fallen into disrepair. You could sense the pride as the workers took the best care of this special sidewalk, laying each brick back with steady hands. It now has been brought back to life for new generations to enjoy for years to come.