165 Years Later, Elmhurst Returns Home


Photos: Courtesy of the Sewickley Valley Historical Society. Rendering: Property of Charter Homes & Neighborhoods.


Once a private home that transitioned into several hotels over the course of more than a century, Elmhurst has now returned to its original roots.

Built as a private residence named "Elmwood" in the 1850s, it later became the Elmhurst Inn, a sprawling hotel known for its banquets, parties and dances.  The property had changed hands, and names, many times and eventually closed in 2009.  It was abandoned until it was eventually razed in 2013 (Pittsburgh Post Gazette).

Charter Homes & Neighborhoods has recently opened the property as Elmhurst, a neighborhood where luxury townhomes and single family homes have been created to reflect the surrounding streetscapes and iconic architecture and design of Sewickley. 

Elmhurst has come full circle by returning to its original intent, this time with the idea that families will have the opportunity to live and experience The Great American Neighborhood® for years to come.