Maintenance Free Means Shovel Free

Chase Townhome in Millcreek, Lampeter Township, Lancaster, PA

With the moderate November temperatures, you may be tempted to keep those bulky sweaters and leg-warming boots tucked away in your closet.  But we all know the inevitable is coming, especially when you live in Pennsylvania. There's no getting around some snow and cold weather.  Remember the last two years?

Charter can't keep the weather from changing but what we can do is make your life a bit easier.  Choose a low-maintenance home and we promise to save you (and your back) from shoveling the white stuff.

Wouldn't you rather wake up to a relaxing warm cup of coffee, watching it all from the inside while someone else takes care of the outside?  You can.  These gorgeous views are from the Chase townhome in Millcreek - ready now for move in before the snow starts to fall. Visit more choices on our Charter Active Living page. undefinedundefined