Small Business Saturday: The Special Story of Local

The Shops at Walden in Walden in Mechanicsburg, PA

Something magical happens when you find the perfect gift from a local shop.  You may spot something that’s been handcrafted with care – a one-of-a-kind item that has not been mass produced.  Maybe a creative display draws you in that artfully tells its unique story.  It’s in those moments when you realize – “she is going to love this” - and makes the season come alive.

Shopping local in Charter’s Florin Hill, Arcona and Walden neighborhoods and finding those gifts does more than make you smile. By shopping local you are keeping more of your money local. According to a Civic Economic Study in Michigan, if you spend $100 at a local business, roughly $68 stays in your local economy. If you spend the same amount at a large business, only $43 remains.  And think of the jobs you are supporting with every purchase you make. Even more reason to feel good.

It’s no coincidence that this year’s date for Walden Winter Lights was chosen to coincide with Small Business Saturday.  We hope you enjoy the many free events that this annual celebration brings with it and also support the wonderful shops that remain the heart of our neighborhoods and towns. #WaldenWL