Grandview's Natural Charms

Grandview in Manheim Township in Lancaster, PA

Who says you can't enjoy city life and still be surrounded by the sites and sounds of nature?  In Charter's iconic Grandview neighborhood you have the best of both worlds.

Grandview has been created to take advantage of the history of Grandview Heights making it a prime living location along with its easy access to route 30 and downtown.  But what you may find just as appealing is the wildlife right outside your door.


Life stands still in a special place.

Preserved ponds and streams weave seamlessly throughout the neighborhood providing a daily field trip experience for kids of all ages to learn and discover. Walk through the wooded areas or bike the tree-lined streets to the local park making lasting memories along the way.

The beautiful fall weather is upon us so head over to Grandview and take in this inviting neighborhood.