New Trends in Retirement Living


According to a recent Builder Magazine article, sunny climates aren't necessarily the number one factor in choosing a home in retirement these days. Baby boomers are challenging how we look at this next phase of our lives looking for more living options that are closer to those that matter.  Five trends they mention:


Staying connected to family is a top priority, but staying close to friends, doctors and just being able to walk to amenities is important. The Walden and Arcona neighborhoods are great examples of experiencing Life a Walk Away™ giving you easy access to local shops and services without having to leave your neighborhood.

Maintenance-Free Living

In many cases a retirement home doesn't mean you are downsizing, but eliminating time-draining outside yard work is high on the list. Visit our Charter Active Living page in locations across Pennsylvania that offer a maintenance-free lifestyle so you can spend your time on what's important.

Spacious One-Level Living

Open plans with flexible layouts are key as our needs change.  For those that crave the space but don't want to take on the stairs, neighborhoods like Sinclair Park and Heritage Strasburg have a number of floor plan designs to meet your needs including optional second floors and basement designs. undefined

Resort Style Living

Pocket parks, amazing trails and bike paths are what connect you to the land and your neighborhood. Live in a Charter neighborhood and you'll quickly notice nature the moment you walk out your front door.  Discover tree lined streets, Belgian block curbing and privet hedges that make your neighborhood not only look good, but you'll feel good about where you live.

Custom Options

Charter has it right when it comes to picking options for your home.  You aren't overwhelmed with unlimited choices where you can't make a decision, and you aren't locked into only a few generic options.  When it comes to CharterColors™ you have choices throughout your home building process and an expert to help you along the way.