Fabulous Foyers and Stunning Stairways

Charter home in Veranda in Hempfield Township, Lancaster, PA (1)

Walk into a Charter home and you may just "oooh" and "ahhh" at the grand space before you because you have opened the door to a lot of choices when you live with character.  Your foyer may blend seamlessly into the rest of the wide open home or it may make a statement like these entryways from some of your favorite Charter home designs.


undefinedCurved arches draw your attention beyond the entry to the wall of windows in the back of the home. Your stairway is positioned to the side as a beautiful accent.  

A grand staircase greets guests as their eyes follow the never-ending row of spindles that lead you to the next floor with a curiosity of what's to come.

Of course they look special. Of course they are grand. But what you'll really love is the feeling you will have as you enter your home every day.  Learn more when you visit our home designs