Tile Tips and Tactics


Tile can be the finishing touch to a room adding a dramatic focal point or simply connecting all of the spaces Choosing it can be a bit overwhelming with all of the colors, sizes, and textures available. Some things to consider before you tackle your tile project:


Things that bling

Do you like a fresh, light look or do you want to make a bold statement?  Are you attracted to the shiny and sparkly or do you prefer a more subtle matte look? A shower wall can be simple with repetitive, large tiles creating a clean look, while a detailed mosaic design in a contrasting size and color adds interest.

Playing it safe

Think of your tile sample like a fabric swatch. You may like a bold pattern when it's only a few inches in size, but tile a large wall and you may have second thoughts.  Will you always love the statement it makes or will you feel stuck with your choice in a few years? Remember your tile isn't as changeable as your furniture.

Between the lines

Today there are almost as many choices with grout as there is tile.  Do you want the grout to pop or would you rather have the grout blend into the background? A simple subway style back splash can look completely different depending on the thickness and color of the grout.

Know your surroundings

It's important to consider the other players in the room.  Will a floor tile be adjacent to exposed carpet or hardwood floors? Will your kitchen tile be surrounded by granite and stainless steel fixtures or cabinetry? 

Big news! Charter Homes & Neighborhoods is pleased to announce a large number of new tile choices for your floor, wall and back splash when you build your home. Our CHARTERColors™ design expert will walk help you choose from these fabulous new selections. In the mean time check out our Transforming Tile Pinterest board for more ideas.