Tips for a Great Parade Visit


The Harrisburg Parade of Homes is here!  Beginning tomorrow you have the next 9 days to take advantage of touring three great Charter neighborhoods.  A few tips to get the most out of your visit:

1.  Dress To Walk.  When you tour a Charter home you also walk the gorgeous neighborhoods.  Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, bring a light jacket and keep an umbrella handy.  A bottle of water is also a good idea to stay hydrated.

2.  Plan Your Route.  Charter has two convenient locations in Mechanicsburg and one in Harrisburg that are easily accessible via a number of roadways including 283, 83 and the PA Turnpike. 

3.  Do Your Research.  Charter's popular blog #CharterStories has a ton of information on the Parade locations as well as  

4.  Plan For Selfies.  We encourage you to take photos of yourself in your favorite room and you may win a $500 gift card in our CharterSelfie contest. Share it on social and you could come into some serious cash.

5.  Have FUN! This is a great opportunity to see what you want in your next home or simply get ideas on how to refresh your existing spaces.  Take your time, ask questions and enjoy the experience of Charter Homes & Neighborhoods!