THEA grand opening VIP event to raise money for a worthy cause

Thea Barn Door.jpg

Charter Homes & Neighborhoods is proud to sponsor this week’s VIP grand opening event at THEA, happening this Saturday evening, December 10th, at Arcona Crossroads in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Owned by Sophia Nelms, THEA is the sister restaurant to Sophia’s on Market and Sophia’s at Walden, which opened to rave reviews in 2013 in Walden Crossroads, another Charter neighborhood.

What’s particularly exciting about this event is that all the money raised at this invitation-only event will be donated to Bethesda Mission, which has been providing the Greater Harrisburg area’s poor and homeless with shelter, food, and clothing since 1914. The mission holds special meaning to the mother and daughter team of Sophia and Chef AnnMarie Nelms. That’s because Sophia’s brother recently passed away. Only after his death did the family learn he had been homeless a few years prior to his passing.

“It broke my heart to find out he was struggling like this. If I had known I would have opened my home to him,” said Sophia. “It’s shocking how many families have these struggles and find themselves in these types of situations, and I want to do my part in raising awareness and honoring my brother’s spirit.”

Invited guests will donate $125 a person, all of which will go to the Bethesda Mission. At the THEA VIP opening, AnnMarie and Sophia will share their visions for the restaurant as a gathering place for the community and Charter’s President, Rob Bowman, will share why small businesses are so important in creating timeless neighborhoods for people to live in.