When Friends Become Neighbors


Our neighborhoods and the people that live in them are the best ways to demonstrate what makes life in a Charter neighborhood so special.

How do we know? Because every year – every month even – we see friends become neighbors.

That’s because when people come to an event in our neighborhoods, they bring their friends, who tend to like what they see. Email us at information@charterhomes.com to learn more about upcoming events in different neighborhoods.

Our communities are built for gatherings – from block parties, to happy hours, to game-day cookouts – our approach to design helps people get out and connect with one another.

The Great American Neighborhood® matches expansive sidewalks with interesting destinations woven into the neighborhood, from century-old trees to park benches and playgrounds. At Crossroads, Charter’s take on the shop small, buy local movement, neighbors can gather for dinner at a restaurant or beers at a nano brewery.

This meticulous attention to how people engage and interact extends to our homes as well, where front porches and side verandas, floor to ceiling windows and sun-rooms create vibrant, sunny places to entertain.

These features aren’t found in your typical cookie-cutter suburban developments. We work hard to create places people want – places that are special and fit your life, whatever stage of life you are in.

“When I look at a typical suburban neighborhood, I think ‘Where’s the gathering space?’” said Rob Bowman, president of Charter Homes & Neighborhoods. “In our neighborhoods, there’s just more chances for people to come together. There’s more going on.”

So if someone invites you to a block party in Arcona, or Walden, or any of our other great neighborhoods, check it out. You might make a new friend. You might find a new home. Call us at 800-325-3030 to get a list of upcoming events at one of our neighborhoods.