Walking to work with Kim Shearer


Kim Shearer walks to work.

That alone makes her a rarity among the nation’s commuters – just four percent of U.S. workers get to work on foot.

But Shearer fits in an even smaller category of commuters.

She walks to work in the suburbs, in a new neighborhood that allows her to live just a few blocks away. 

All of that is made possible by Charter Homes & Neighborhoods, and a neighborhood design that seeks to reimagine the American suburb, making walking a part of everyday life with easy access to nature, parks, and trails, and amenities like shopping.

She chose to buy her home in Walden, Charter’s neighborhood in Mechanicsburg, Pa. (Which you should totally check out.)

The neighborhood’s award-winning design came as a pleasant surprise to this mother of two, whose children spent the first five years of their lives in Europe, where they walked everywhere.

“My family likes the idea of being able to walk everywhere. When we moved, they asked if we’d be able to walk to pre-school. I said ‘Sorry kids, you’re never going to walk anywhere again,’” Shearer jokes. Walden was different. “In Walden, we can walk to the pool, walk to breakfast. I tell people I walk to work and they’re like ‘How?’”

Shearer owns Tender Years Child Development Center in Walden Crossroads, a part of the neighborhood that features locally-owned, independent businesses along a quaint street lined with wide sidewalks and trees carefully integrated with the overall neighborhood.

She said that there’s a real benefit to being close to her business. Many of her clients work in critical, can’t-miss-work fields, like health care. They don’t get to stay home if it snows, and the parents that use Tender Years rely on her ability to stay open.

“All my clients are my neighbors,” Shearer said. “I think one of the benefits of living in the neighborhood is the relationships we’ve built. I’ll get to see all these children grow up.”

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