Magic Eightball Says: Low Interest Rates Make this a Great Time to Buy a Home

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With interest rates predicted to rise, now could be your last chance to buy a home at historically low rates! What does that mean? Well, when interest rates rise, you’ll end up paying more each month for the same home over the life of your loan! Hold on, there’s still some good news. Historically, interest rates are still low, about 4 percent!  But you have to act now to save big.

How much can you save by acting now instead of waiting?  Consider that a single interest point increase in mortgage rates can add up fast. For a $300,000 loan, that single point increase could wind up costing you an additional $180 a month or $2,160 a year! That means you’ll either spend MORE money for the house you want or you’ll have to sacrifice on the things you want in your next home. Don’t wait and give up that new cool thing you just added to your Dream Home Pinterest Board.  

If you’ve even considered a new home, a move up, a move down, or just a freshen up, stop in and talk to one of Charter’s Neighborhood Sales Managers to see what dream home may be waiting for you. Not sure where to start? Call our Online Sales Manager, Victoria, and she can help you narrow down your choices. 800-325-3030

With mortgage rates still historically low, it’s your time to own the home of your dreams!