Like a Fine Wine, our neighborhoods grow better with time


Buying into a new neighborhood is always exciting. New home construction alleviates the worry of inheriting someone else’s headaches. And it offers one of the greatest luxuries in life. To buy new means enjoying freshly laid hardwoods; granite counters chosen by you; tasteful, contemporary cabinetry; and the latest and greatest systems and technology.

But new is fleeting. What’s more important is how well a neighborhood ages over time. How it transcends the here and now to mature gracefully and timelessly into the land, as if it’s always been there. As if it’s authentic to its place and the people who live there.


At Charter, we spend a great deal of time imagining how our neighborhoods will age. We want them to age with the same beauty and elegance as the moment they were conceived. It’s not an easy process, and it’s not some ridged formula. Each of our neighborhoods is painstakingly custom designed. No two are alike. In fact, no two streets are even the same. They are all unique and special, unto themselves.

We begin by understanding the story of the land, its unique attributes, and how best to incorporate them. Our neighborhoods include preserved spaces filled with gathering areas and parks, places to get people outdoors and connect with each other, and destinations to walk to. Then, there are the trees. We’re famous for our reverence of trees, preserving all we can and planting hundreds of new. Big ones, lovingly placed to accent and enhance the neighborhood over time. To cast shade. Soften hardened materials. To green the streetscape or walking trail in a way that begs you to enjoy, engage, and get outside beneath their protective canopies.

It’s the details, both large and small, that help a neighborhood age well. Those trees we just spoke about? We trim them to lift their lowest branches, opening up sight lines and vistas. Next to them, instead of easily pouring concrete, we meticulously place hand-laid, Belgian-block curbs, small details that create the character that helps define life in a Charter neighborhood. 

But in a larger sense, creating a neighborhood designed to age well and get better with time, requires broader thinking—a reimagining of the American suburb. That requires a tremendous amount of partnership with planners and townships, decision makers willing to embrace a better way, if it’s presented. At Charter, we work from a clean sheet of paper, doing away with the typical grid-pattern development where land is flattened, streets are straightened, and some arbitrary restrictions imposed. Rather, we let the land guide us, and where it winds, we follow its course. Where it rises and falls, we lift and lower each homesite. We focus on each home’s orientation and the space between them, sometimes whimsically as with our TerraParks®, other times more formally as in our town greens. But each unique neighborhood echoes the randomness of great neighborhoods of old—those that have stood the test of time. We call this The Great American Neighborhood®.

For more information about our neighborhoods call us at 800-325-3030 or email  Our online sales manager will help you narrow down your search and determine which neighborhood fits you best!