Shhhh. There’s a secret inside all of our neighborhoods


Inside every Charter neighborhood, there’s a secret that leads to Life a Walk Away®.

We call it the rule of 1,250 steps.

That number – 1,250 steps – represents the farthest you’ll have to walk to arrive at an engaging place within our neighborhoods. It’s roughly a quarter mile – one lap of a track – or about a five-minute trek at an average gait. We lay out those 1,250 steps in a series of circles that can overlap one another and lead to any number of places designed to surprise and delight, destinations both large and small, intended to get homeowners outside and engaging with their neighbors and the land.


The rule of 1,250 is just one way we make life better in a Charter neighborhood. But there are also dozens of other things we do to make our neighborhoods places where people want to get outside, spend time with each other, and enjoy the land. Take for instance, our wider-than-normal sidewalks. They make it easy to walk with another friend or neighbor, push a young one in a stroller, or to include the dog on an evening stroll. Our curvy roadways, with hand-laid Belgian block curbs, rise and fall with the land and echo the timeless neighborhoods of old.


We have reimagined every stop along the way. Our TerraPark® replaces pressure treated and plastic playground equipment with undulating mounds of earth, hidden slides, and rock walls that are as unique as the land itself, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Crossroads, Charter’s take on the buy local, shop small movement, are enclaves of small businesses hand chosen by Charter. All of this and more can be found on a walk in one of our neighborhoods.  



Walking is one of the single most important ways to improve both your body and your mind. Physically, research shows that walking improves cardiovascular health, reduces joint pain, cravings for sweets, and even the risk of breast cancer. Emotionally, emerging research in psychology shows that being outside and in nature lessens stress and reduces the risk of depression.

The rule of 1,250 might sound ethereal, but in the real world, it helps us deliver on our ultimate promise of creating The Great American Neighborhood™ each and every time we design a place as special as the people who live there.

Find your charter neighborhood at or call Victoria at 800-325-3030 to schedule a personal tour at one of our neighborhoods.