Arcona – A Special Place to Call Home


At Charter, the word neighborhood is paramount. While some may use it interchangeably with other words, we hold it in the highest regard. Who cares that much about a word? Well we do, because for us, it’s how we create places that let you Live Some Place Special®.

A true neighborhood is created in the space between the homes. Arcona is no exception. When you choose Arcona you get a home and so much more because you’ll be surrounded by green spaces, gathering places, walks and trails, and countless trees. The advantage to you is that with all of this nearby, it’s easy to have fun and be healthy, but the real value is that you can enjoy the outside.


Walks, jogs, hikes, and strolls become an adventure or an opportunity to recharge with over 8 miles of trails. The natural hiking trail leading to Arcona Park lets you connect with nature. Take time for imagination and play at TerraPark®. Enjoy the view from the Meadow and The Pasture. Connect with friends at Highpoint Green. In Arcona, you have choices each day whether you have just a moment or an entire afternoon.  


Come explore what Arcona has to offer at our Home Store any day from 11am-6pm or call 800-325-3030 for more information.