Sustainable Fashion Comes to Arcona Crossroads


Mildred Ortega is committed to changing the world of fashion by offering sustainable, worker-friendly designs here in Mechanicsburg, PA. Her new store, Greg Moda, which combines her son’s first name and the Spanish word for fashion, brings a sense of style, civility, and humanity at affordable, everyday prices to shoppers at Arcona Crossroads. After coming to the U.S. from her native Dominican Republic to attend college, Mildred started working as a wholesale distributor of clothing, and she saw firsthand the environmental and labor issues that plague the fashion industry. Greg Moda sources its designs from small workshops in Chile, Germany, London, and Indonesia.

Located in Crossroads, a section of the neighborhood that consists of several small businesses along quaint streets shaded by trees with wide sidewalks, Greg Moda, like the other shops, allows homeowners the opportunity to shop local just a few steps from their front porch where they can easily take a break and connect with family and friends anytime.

We caught up with Mildred as she readied her shop for its soft opening in Arcona Crossroads.  

What prompted you to open Greg Moda?

I decided I wanted to do something different. When I discovered Arcona, I thought it was the perfect place to make sustainable high design available. I began by sourcing clothes from small ateliers (small workshops run by independent designers) who use fabrics and dyes that are higher quality and less toxic. I also buy from new designers right out of school. These designers are setting trends and I want to support their creativity. They might have just three or four pieces, but none of them are mass produced.

What attracted you to Arcona Crossroads and being in a Charter neighborhood?

I chose Arcona Crossroads because I wanted to be around small businesses that support each other and grow with each other. It’s not like a big mall where everything is so crazy and isolating.  At Greg Moda, we’re selling not just clothes, but an experience.

What’s in the future for Greg Moda?

Black Friday is our soft opening, but in a few months we’ll have a grand opening featuring one of our designers. My goal is to open an atelier here, in Lancaster County, so the clothes will be made in the U.S. I’d also like to partner with Greenpeace, which I’m in the process of doing.

Greg Moda will be selling sustainably-sourced clothes and accessories for professional woman at prices ranging from $60 to $350. Check back for more updates and the grand opening announcement! 

For more information about living in Arcona, call 800-325-3030 or visit