The Land Is What Makes Hastings Special


The first time Rob Bowman, President of Charter Homes & Neighborhoods, walked the Hastings site in Pittsburgh’s South Hills, he knew Charter Homes was the only one who could bring out the magic of the land. Nestled in a bend on Chartiers Creek, he could look through the century old trees and see nothing but wooded hillsides all around, which are all part of more than 600 acres of township parkland.


Abandoned for years, the former site of the Mayview State Hospital was hiding what has only grown more natural and beautiful over time.  

It is a remarkable property that calls out for preserved spaces, gathering places, and trails that let people experience much of what he felt that first day. We created the neighborhood plan over the next year, ensuring we incorporated what came before into what comes next. Hastings will include engaging streets designed to walk down; Hastings Green and Fairview Green near the neighborhood entrance to showcase timeless architecture and providing gathering places’ and Crossroads, with locally-owned businesses along Hastings Crescent that lets people take a break and connect with friends.


We look forward to having others walk the property and appreciate what a special place it really is. We have work to do and look forward to getting started, knowing that the team at Charter are the best in the industry at making this happen. The way we create neighborhoods, how we think and manage it all is what really makes it all possible. We can’t wait until Hastings opens!


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