Think Spring: four subtle ways to transition your home


In our neighborhoods, springtime is for filling porches with tulips, mingling at mailboxes, and exploring the outdoors. The start of a new season is also the perfect time for a mini-refresh inside your home. Now that spring has finally arrived, we rounded up four of our favorite décor ideas that will help transition your home in no time.  So open up your oversized windows, soak up the sunshine (if it ever arrives to stay!) and decorate away!


Try A Terrarium

The kitchen table is your family’s command center where plans are discussed, days are rehashed, and meals are shared. Show this space some love with a compact yet charming DIY terrarium filled with faux or fresh plants.

Frame-worthy Printables
Swap out your christmas card photo with an inspirational spring saying or design that you can print right at home.


Pretty Pillow Cases

Give your throw pillows a quick update with light and airy pillow cases featuring delicate watercolor flowers, like this one from Etsy.


Spring Simmer Pot

This quick and easy simmer pot recipe will leave your home smelling fresh as a spring day! Just fill a stock pot ¾ full with water. Add a small bundle of rosemary, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and one small sliced lemon. Let simmer on the stove until fragrant.


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