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3 Reasons to Purchase Your Home This Month

With all of the recent coverage - we thought we'd boil down the housing market trends into 3 simple takeaways on what it means for homebuyers - and why at this very moment it is the most economical time to buy a new home.

Literally the Best Home Shopping Channel!

It's Cyber Monday! The biggest online shopping day of the year where you kick back after a crazy holiday weekend and with just a few clicks you've found some great gifts without even breaking a sweat. So, how about a special gift for yourself?

Charter's 'First of Five' Neighborhoods Opens in Pittsburgh

Elmhurst StreetscapeCropped.jpg
Nationally known for designing neighborhoods inspired by character, Charter has opened ELMHURST, one of the most recognized and desirable locations in Pittsburgh. Built around the idea of Life a Walk Away™, Charter consistently delivers homebuyers a simple promise to Live Some Place Special.®
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