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3 Reasons to Purchase Your Home This Month

With all of the recent coverage - we thought we'd boil down the housing market trends into 3 simple takeaways on what it means for homebuyers - and why at this very moment it is the most economical time to buy a new home.

Literally the Best Home Shopping Channel!

It's Cyber Monday! The biggest online shopping day of the year where you kick back after a crazy holiday weekend and with just a few clicks you've found some great gifts without even breaking a sweat. So, how about a special gift for yourself?

Upgrades Included in Grandview's Porter

The Porter in Grandview, Manheim Township, PA
This is your first look at the just-completed Porter home design in Lancaster's beloved Grandview neighborhood. Everyone is talking about the unbelievable upgrades to this home that's ready for move in just in time to celebrate the holiday season!

Grandview's Natural Charms

Grandview in Manheim Township in Lancaster, PA
Who says you can't enjoy city life and still be surrounded by the sites and sounds of nature? In Charter's iconic Grandview neighborhood you have the best of both worlds.

Grandview's Evergreen Footprint

Long before the earth and rock had been moved and the first home built, Charter's Grandview neighborhood vision began with the land. Every property has a story and Grandview is no exception. Charter sets aside everything to be preserved, celebrated and shared by all, connecting people to the land and to nature.

The Road Less Traveled

Grandview Neighborhood in Manheim Township, Lancaster, PA (1)
Cars take a backseat in this active neighborhood with traffic primarily happening by foot or by pedal. Life is easy and active in Grandview.

A Great Time to Experience Lancaster!

Grandview Neighborhood in Manheim Township, Lancaster, PA
With the sports spotlight on Lancaster County next week for the 2015 U.S. Women's Open, it's time to explore this great city and take advantage of your time surrounding this event, whether your are a long-time Lancastrian or if you are visiting for the first time.

Relaxing Porches and Fireflies Remembered at Grandview

Grandview Heights, 1930s Homes2, Lancaster, PA
History on the Gammache farm in Manheim Township has been chronicled locally over the years. One article appearing in the Sunday News two years ago titled "Life on 'the Gam farm' was good" was told by a woman who had visited the farm in the 1980s when she answered an ad for a tenant farmer.

Grandview's Roots Are Firmly Planted

Our Roots. Our History. What's Our Story? That question enters everyone's minds at some point in our lives. A need so universal that technology now helps us trace our ancestry to discover and uncover who we are. Every one has a story and so does every place, especially Grandview.