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The wait is over – our new floorplans are a homebuyer’s dream!

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We’re excited to show off our new floorplans, thoughtfully designed to fit your lifestyle, now available at The Point located in Hershey, Woodbridge located in Mechanicsburg, Sage Hill located in York and Woodside located in Cranberry Township. These three incredible new concepts offer luxury home design like you’ve never seen before. With the ability to personalize how the space is used in your home from start to finish, it’s no wonder these homes are selling quickly.

5 Tips to Protect Your Home in Freezing Temperatures

Most of us probably know the steps to take to keep ourselves safe and warm when temperatures plummet–but what about your home? Cold weather related home issues can occur for a number of reasons, but the good news is that many can be prevented with preparation. Here are our “Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Home in Freezing Temperatures”

3 Reasons to Purchase Your Home This Month

With all of the recent coverage - we thought we'd boil down the housing market trends into 3 simple takeaways on what it means for homebuyers - and why at this very moment it is the most economical time to buy a new home.

Maintenance Free Means Shovel Free

Chase Townhome in Millcreek, Lampeter Township, Lancaster, PA
With the moderate November temperatures, you may be tempted to keep those bulky sweaters and leg-warming boots tucked away in your closet. But we all know the inevitable is coming, especially when you live in Pennsylvania. There's no getting around some snow and cold weather. Remember the last two years?

Tile Tips and Tactics

Tile can be the finishing touch to a room adding a dramatic focal point or simply connecting all of the spaces Choosing it can be a bit overwhelming with all of the colors, sizes, and textures available. Some things to consider before you tackle your tile project:

Help! I Need More Space for My Genes!

14CHTR15842FINAL copy.jpg
Surprise! You may be looking for a larger home in retirement. What??? Seems that the empty nest is getting full again as people are looking for not only a larger home, but one that has the right configuration for other family members to live comfortably with them.

Who is Pocketing Your Paycheck?

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In a recent post we talked about how paying rent is getting harder and harder these days. Zillow has recently released it's figures for May showing rent has climbed 4.3% to a nationwide median of $1,367.
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