Named for the intersection of two roads, Crossroads brings to mind the center of a small town where all of the activity and events take place. In The Great American Neighborhood®, Crossroads is made up of small, locally owned businesses along tree-lined streets where friends and neighbors can take a break and connect just steps from home. 

We choose our Crossroads partners carefully, as we have somewhat of a kinship with them. After all, Charter started as a small business in a converted garage in Lancaster City more than 30 years ago. We know what it's like to have a purpose, and to be driven to create something special for our customers. We want our Crossroads business owners to be a part of what we're doing, and to see them succeed. 

Lots of residential projects have promised what Crossroads provides without success. Frankly, it's taken us many years to get it right and we're still working to make it better. But ask any of our homeowners, and they will tell you that having a place with interesting local businesses where they can shop, eat, workout or relax minutes from their front door is one of their favorite things about living in The Great American Neighborhood®. A place where the business owners know their names, their coffee order, and their favorite kind of cake. Where their pets can get pampered, their favorite kind of beer is on tap and they can enjoy a workout just a few blocks from home.