Downsizing in Walden

When it came time to design The Great American Neighborhood®, we recognized that people want and deserve better when they make the decision to downsize. While they may want convenience and practicality, they also want a place that’s thoughtful enough to consider the way they want to spend the next chapter of their lives.  

For Bill and Jacquie Bunt, the decision to downsize to Walden was an easy one. They were looking for a neighborhood that offered low maintenance first-floor living where they could opt in or out of recreation opportunities on their schedule and be around people of all ages. After all, age is about attitude – and whether they’re 6 or 60, people all want to live somewhere that allows them to connect with friends and family, enjoy the outdoors and live life the way they want. 

In Walden, Bill and Jacquie can build sandcastles at TerraPark® with the little girl next door, walk for their morning cup of coffee or favorite piece of carrot cake from Sophia's or meet friends for dinner- all steps from their front door. Or they can choose to opt out of all of that and spend their free time on their extra-large front porch or relaxing in their private garden. Regardless of how they want to live, our neighborhoods provide the perfect backdrop for people of all ages and stages of life. Click on the link below to hear Bill and Jacquie's story.