East Park at Walden

While it's hard to believe that Walden will soon be complete, we've definitely saved the best for last. The newly released phase, named East Park, is located in the far corner of the neighborhood adjacent to the future 43-acre Paul Walters Township Park, and surrounded by mature treelines and three unique gathering places.

The first, East Park Oval, is the largest gathering place in East Park, and will include an open lawn for sports or hanging out, plus an oval walking path lined by homes on one side and a handcrafted flagpole. The second, named Three Trees, is an intimate park with large Sycamore trees lined on either side by townhomes with timeless architecture. Last is Pickering Walk, an area of the neighborhood where homes are set back far enough to include two rows of trees and an extra-wide sidewalk. 

At Charter, we believe that great neighborhoods are created in the space between, and these three gathering places in East Park are just a few examples of this belief come to life.