IDEA Coffee

For AnnMarie Nelms, the successful owner of THEA, the opportunity to open another business in the Crossroads at Arcona was a no-brainer. "One of the best things about this neighborhood is how everyone has embraced us with the opening of the restaurant. So many of our neighbors walk here, and we've gotten to know them not just as customers but as friends," she explains. "They come down and hang out, and that's what I love to do, is make people happy with food."

With the opening of IDEA Coffee, a new local spot offering specialty coffee, frappes made with natural organic fruit syrups, locally made biscotti and more, she can now share her love of coffee to make people happy as well. "Everyone in the neighborhood has been asking for coffee." Nelms said. "And now with IDEA, it's just another place that they can walk to and enjoy a whole new experience with new treats. The kids can come down in the winter and get their hot chocolate, or stop in for milkshakes when they get off the bus."

Keeping it all in the family, the tiny house that serves as the home of IDEA was hand-built by Trevor in 6 weeks based off a sketch by the Charter design team. Together they collaborated to create a unique place that would blend seamlessly into the neighborhood.

"I'm really looking forward to being a part of another Charter business and getting to know the neighborhood on a whole new level," AnnMarie says. "I think it's just going to be a whole new level of Arcona with everything that's happening, and everyone is really looking forward to it, including me."