Living Design

Look closely and you’ll notice that a Charter home just looks and feels different than any other new home. From the wall of windows that allows the morning light to stream into your kitchen to the functional layout of your living space, all of our homes are designed to feel larger, brighter and stand the test of time. We call it Living Design and every Charter home is designed with 4 important principles in mind.

The first is natural light. Our homes include 20% more windows that are 30% larger than the average new home so you can let the outside in and feel happier, too.

Our floorplans also offer sightlines that allow you to see from one room to the next and be a part of your family's special moments that happen every day.

The third principle of Living Design is great spaces. We believe that every square foot of your home is valuable, so we design flexible floorplans with no wasted space that complement your life today and can grow with you and your family over time.

Last but certainly not least is timelessness. We strive to create homes that stand the test of time and never feel dated by choosing timeless finishes and architecture full of character that only grow better with age.

Take a look at our homes and see for yourself all of the ways that they're designed for the way you want to live.