Side-By-Sidewalks | Stories | Charter Homes & Neighborhoods

There are thousands of thoughtful details that go into the planning of every Great American Neighborhood. Some are so small you may never even notice them, while others make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the neighborhood. One such detail is something we've named "side-by-sidewalks." 

Most suburban communities include standard 4 ft. wide sidewalks in front of their homes. We go one step further and include extra-wide 6 ft. sidewalks and 8 ft. wide trails lined by trees not just in front of our homes but throughout the entire neighborhood. This means that there's more space to walk beside the people you care about, not behind or in front of them. Whether you're talking about your day with a spouse, walking your dogs with a neighbor or riding bikes side-by-side with your kids, that extra sidewalk space makes all the difference in allowing you to connect with friends, family and neighbors.

It also means that our side-by-sidewalks aren't just pathways to destinations, but rather gathering places where you can actually take a break and hang out. From stopping to say hello to a neighbor sitting on their front porch, drawing sidewalk chalk obstacle courses or introducing new doggy best friends, there are endless ways you can connect with friends old and new on the extra-wide walks and trails throughout the neighborhood. So, next time you drive through a Charter neighborhood and brush off the sidewalks as just sidewalks, take a minute to notice how they're being used by neighbors and appreciate how this one thoughtful detail can totally change the way people engage with one another outside of their homes.