Stocking the Lake at Crescent

At Charter, we know that the land on which we build has a past to be respected and a future to be imagined. So when we set out to revitalize the farm pond on the property at Crescent, we knew we had to work with the best people in the industry to make our ambitious dreams become reality. 

Patrick Gavaghan is the owner and senior ecologist at Ecotune, an environmental consulting business based in Cranberry Township. Together, Charter and Pat developed a plan for expanding, restoring, and maintaining the lake at Crescent. After the physical expansion of the lake, the next step was to stock the lake with plenty of fish – over 700lbs of them! Patrick determined the number of minnows, crappies, sunfish, and largemouth bass that would not only help rehabilitate the environment of the lake, but also provide plenty of opportunities for fishing and other water recreation in the years to come. 

Every detail of the plan to reimagine the lake was painstakingly thought out – from planting aquatic vegetation to absorb nutrients from the water and impede algae growth, to altering the inlets that control sediment and water flow patterns. When the project is done, we’ll have created a healthy environment that protects and cultivates the natural beauty of the lake while also inspiring limitless all-season activities for every homeowner at Crescent!