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If you listen closely, every evening at 7 PM you'll hear a group of neighbors gathering on Avery Way in Walden, The Great American Neighborhood® in Mechanicsburg.

Since Governor Wolf issued the Stay At Home order over a month ago, Bill and Jacquie Bunt took it upon themselves to create an event that all their neighbors could take part in and look forward to. Every night, God Bless America rings through speakers from their front porch as people of all generations take part in singing, waving American flags and simply catching up with one another or offering a familiar smile from a safe distance.

"We do this every night simply to check on each other. It is our way to safely see our neighbors, who have really become more like family since we moved to Walden. During this time, it really helps to have something positive to focus on every day," said Bill. 

It's stories like this, and so many more, that give us hope during the most difficult days. We know your neighborhood has never been more important than it is now, and we're grateful for the opportunity to create backdrop for these special moments in time.