The Arcona Mark

If you’ve seen the Arcona mark, you've probably noticed how unique it is. After all, how many residential subdivisions have a logo that actually stands out on a billboard or that people would proudly wear on a t-shirt, carry around on a coffee mug and display on their keychain.

Everything about the Arcona mark is intentional, including the simple fact that it’s called a mark and not a logo. In our business, we aim to leave our mark for generations to come, whether that’s with the homes we build, the trees we preserve or the neighborhood entrance sign that will welcome neighbors home for the next several decades.

Finding the right creative partner to help translate the inspiration and feeling of an entire neighborhood into a small 2x3 graphic is not an easy task. As luck would have it, we were fortunate enough to stumble across a small screen print shop in downtown Lancaster owned by a very talented graphic designer hungry for the opportunity to make his mark as well.

Over the course of several months, he was able to understand the vision of Charter Homes & Neighborhoods, and combine everything that makes Arcona such a special place to live into a graphic mark that will truly stand the test of time. "With amenities like the Arcona Nature Trail, and all of the open green space and preserved trees, I wanted the Arcona mark to have a feeling of discovery. The organic bold lines evoke thoughts of nature and escaping to the outdoors," said the designer.