The Arcona Story

Dating back to its mid-1700s purchase from state founder William Penn, the plot of land framed by Lisburn, Rossmoyne and Arcona Roads has been in the same family for generations. As their lineage expanded and the family made the difficult decision to sell, careful consideration was given to ensure the new owners would care for the estate as thoroughly as their relatives had.

Envisioning a "true village that emphasized connection and developed a sense of community”, the family chose Charter Homes & Neighborhoods to continue the story their forefathers began, and with pride we built the next chapter.

Arcona is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to live with modern-day necessities and conveniences woven into century-old surroundings. And while we've honored the area's rich history with namesake streets and classic architecture, Arcona is designed to be the backdrop for your new memories.