The rule of 500

Driving through a Charter neighborhood, you may notice that it feels a little different. A little friendlier. A little livelier. A little more interesting. Neighbors gathered on front porches, children building sandcastles in the TerraPark®, or friends walking down the hill for a hand-crafted dinner and live music.

People relaxing, exploring the neighborhood, connecting with their families, friends and neighbors. This is what The Great American Neighborhood® was designed to do, and it all comes back to a very simple principal we call the rule of 500. No homeowner in Arcona, regardless of where they live, needs to take more than 500 steps before they reach a special place within the neighborhood. A place designed to let them connect with neighbors, enjoy the outdoors, or escape the hustle and bustle of life.

We recognize that in today's society, where schedules are jam packed and free time is impossible to come by, people may only have a few minutes in their day to take a break. Which is what makes the rule of 500 so important. It allows our homeowners to get out and take a 15 minute vacation whenever and wherever it fits into their day. 

Some builders may call this walk-ability. We like to think of it as live-ability, and it's just one of the many reasons a Charter neighborhood is unlike any other neighborhood you'll find.