The Space Between

Ever wonder what makes a place, like a vacation spot or town, feel special? We did too. And after more than 20 years of traveling, studying architecture, and talking to people to figure out why they enjoy some places more than others, we finally figured it out.

It's what we like to call, "the space between."

We discovered that designing a memorable place is not so much about the place itself - it's about the thought that goes into what is between the homes and other buildings. It's about the trees, the way the buildings all relate to one other, whether they stand out or blend in, the materials used on the streets and walks, the benches, and a million other tiny details that often go unnoticed. Look around the next time you're somewhere special and you'll notice that it's the space between that really makes the difference. 

When people choose a place to live, they usually only think about what they need in a home, but the space between is just as important. Which is why we design our neighborhoods to provide preserved spaces, gathering places and landscape that you can enjoy anytime you look out the window, take a walk, or drive home. The space between is truly what makes our neighborhoods as special as the people who live in them.