Trevor's Farm

Late last Summer, a new sight popped up along Woods drive in Mechanicsburg, just outside of our Woodbridge neighborhood. Thousands of bright sunflowers caught the attention of neighbors, passerby and photographers from across the region.

The sunflowers are a part of Trevor’s farm, a preserved 12 acre piece of land that's been set aside as a neighborhood amenity to be enjoyed by both Woodbridge and Walden homeowners. A portion of the land is used by Trevor to harvest local produce to use in Sophia’s at Walden and THEA in Arcona – the two restaurants located in The Great American Neighborhood® in Mechanicsburg.

Last year, Trevor decided to plant sunflower seeds in the unused portion of land to fill the space with something beautiful for people to enjoy. Little did he know how the sunflower field would take off or how much attention it would bring. “I planted a few thousand pounds of seed, thinking that half of that would probably be eaten by the deer that live all around the farm” Trevor explained. “Surprisingly, they left the flowers alone and we were left with an unbelievable field of sunflowers for everyone in the area to enjoy.”