Water Colours Interior Design

Mary Andres is no stranger to new places. She was raised in a military family, and later married her husband Michael who was also in the service. After spending her life moving every 3-4 years, she's become an expert at picking up and starting over. "Moving so frequently has really forced me to get good at redesigning our homes and it sort of naturally progressed into a passion."

Three years ago, that passion turned to action as Mary made the decision to pursue her degree in Interior Design. She began working out of her home and then began to explore the idea of opening up her own studio locally. "We traveled everywhere from Hershey to Camp Hill to York checking out potential locations, but my heart kept bringing me back to Arcona," said Andres. "I've driven this road every day to my mother's house for the past 20 years, and have watched the neighborhood develop and grow. It felt like this is just where we were meant to be."

After months of preparation and trips to Highpoint Market to secure the perfect assortment for her shop, Mary is thrilled to be opening this Saturday, September 8th. One of the things she's looking forward to the most about being part of the Crossroads at Arcona is getting to know the neighbors and community. "I want to be the kind of designer who is also a friend and who the neighbors can walk down and visit anytime. I've watched this neighborhood evolve for so long, and I'm just really humbled to be a part of it."