Neighbors & Friends

The friendships between Charter homeowners are perhaps the best evidence of what makes life in our neighborhoods so special. And not only do new neighbors become friends, quite often old friends become neighbors, because when they visit and experience our neighborhoods, they want to become a part of them as well. 

The Great American Neighborhood® is built for gatherings – whether block parties, happy hours or game-day cookouts – with a design approach that encourages connection. Our attention to how people engage and interact informs our home designs, where front porches and side verandas, floor-to-ceiling windows and sunrooms provide vibrant, natural light-filled areas to entertain neighbors and friends. Expansive sidewalks weave through the neighborhood, past mature trees, park benches and playgrounds, and connect at Crossroads, where neighbors can gather for handcrafted dining, a pilates class or a beer. 

These amenities aren’t found in typical suburban developments. They are the result of years of thoughtful research, hard work and a company-wide commitment to creating special places that enrich the lives of our homeowners at any stage of life.

 “When I look at a typical suburban neighborhood, I think ‘Where’s the gathering space?’” said Rob Bowman, president of Charter Homes & Neighborhoods®. “In our neighborhoods, there’s just more chances for people to come together. There’s more going on.”

So when someone invites you to a block party in Arcona, dinner in Walden, or a gathering in any of The Great American Neighborhoods, check it out. You'll definitely make some new friends...and you just might find a new home at the same time.