Snow Days in Charter Homes & Neighborhoods | Stories | Charter Homes & Neighborhoods

"Snow day!" Two words that are music to any child's ears. Who doesn’t love an unexpected day off school with nothing to do but play. But in The Great American Neighborhood®, snow days get taken to the next level. There’s no better time to enjoy life a walk away than when you're buried in the cold fluffy stuff. A quick walk from home and you’ll find that TerraPark® or the Neighborhood Sledding Hill is the place to be. Hills to sled down and acres of open space for all the snow angels and snowmen making that your heart desires. You can guarantee that if the snow is falling, you’ll find all your neighborhood friends out for the best impromptu snow party imaginable.

Once you've lost feeling in your fingers, it's time to defrost at the local neighborhood café over hot chocolate and cookies. For parents, a snow day also means a day off from cooking since you can walk through the snowy streets to grab breakfast, lunch and/or dinner just steps from home. Need to decompress after a day stuck in the house with the kids? Walk to meet friends at the neighborhood brewery for your favorite beer. Or walk to Crossroads for a pilates class or to the fitness center, open 24 hours a day. There’s no reason to miss your workout just because of the weather.

Even better, since much of the outdoor maintenance is taken care of in The Great American Neighborhood®, you have more time to play with your family and will spend less time shoveling. A snow day with all of the fun and none of the work…it doesn’t get much better than that!