The Neighborhood Holiday Tree

While life in The Great American Neighborhood® is special year-round, there's something about the holidays that's even more magical - largely in part to the majestic holiday trees which serve as a festive greeting to neighbors as they enter the neighborhood. 

Every year right after Thanksgiving, all of the neighbors gather for their own Rockefeller Center moment to officially light the neighborhood holiday tree and kick off the holiday season. It's a special moment in ones of the neighborhood's many gathering places that truly brings out the magic of Christmas.  Neighbors that feel more like family gather around to catch up while all of the kids play tag around the tree, filled with joy and excitement for the season to come. All just steps from small locally owned shops and businesses at Crossroads where hot cocoa and cookies are waiting to warm you up. 

You'll be hard pressed to find any other suburban neighborhood with their very own holiday tree or tree lighting ceremony. In fact, unless you live in a city, it's unlikely that you've ever even had the opportunity to enjoy a community holiday tree. Which is yet another reason why The Great American Neighborhood® provides you with an experience unlike anywhere else - truly bringing you all of the benefits of city living without the city.