Three Trees Park

There's a special place coming to life at Walden. And while right now it may not seem like much, in just a short period of time it will be the newest neighborhood gathering place buzzing with activity. Located in the recently released East Park area, Three Trees is an intimate park featuring three Sycamore trees lined on either side by townhomes with timeless architecture and large covered porches perfect for a morning cup of coffee, evening cocktail or watching the kids play.

While Three Trees is located in one of the most secluded areas of the neighborhood, you're still only 500 steps from TerraPark®, Walden Pool or the small locally owned shops at Crossroads. The advantage to you is that you can easily walk to connect with friends and neighbors for dinner or a pilates class, and then return to the peace and quiet of your own little private pocket park at Three Trees. 

At Charter, we believe that great neighborhoods are created in the space between, and Three Trees is just one example of this principle come to life at Walden. It's this, and so much more, that make Walden one of the best neighborhoods in the country.